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February 25, 2019

Collectively, the US and Canada account for 58% of the global $1.3 trillion IT industry. Of this $750 billion in purchases, $320 billion are sold to businesses through 85,000 “reseller” organizations.

About $300 billion of these products are purchased by small and mid-size business of which $240 billion flow through resellers. SMBs (companies with 10 and 500 employees) view their channel partner as a Trusted Business Advisor (TBA) for recommendations on what products they need, sourcing the products at low prices, product integration and IT strategy.

Our core capability is helping Vendors sell more products through the 51st to 7,500th largest resellers who sell $170 billion of products to SMBs. We leverage our relationships, experience and knowledge on how to reach, recruit, engage, motivate, educate, enable and collaborate with TBAs to help Vendors, through:

  • A full range of Consulting, Channel Marketing activities and Business Network opportunities
  • A complete suite of electronic SMB and Channel¬†Publishing vehicles and related tools
  • Channel Advocacy activities including the ChannelLine Advisory Council

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