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Cisco, Borderware, Brightmail talk security

The free seminar series consists of two sessions. The morning session is open to senior executives and corporate directors, while the afternoon session is for resellers, VARs, and integrators. The series runs from October 8 through December 9, 2003 in Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, New York, Ottawa, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington DC.

Cisco makes firewalls and routers and other network security products.

Greg Robson, Cisco Systems Channel System Engineer, talked about “dynamically connecting all spokes of the company using VPN.”

“Sell customers on the financial impact by answering the question, ‘What can this do for my company?'” he told solution providers.

Frame relay migration is a solution for lowering costs while providing equal or more capability. By implementing VPN the cost benefit over frame relay helps the migration pay for itself. Migrating customers from frame relay to VPN is what Robson refers to as “the VPN opportunity”.

What used to be done with frame relay, including voice and video, can be done with IPSec. From a redundancy view, VPN can be stronger because it costs less, and therefore can be duplicated for less.

By visiting a reseller can walk through with customers and develop solutions based on customer requirements.

While using current applications, a customer can achieve better application response times and while lowering running and maintenance costs. An example of 30 sites running 1.5M (512CIR) port speed costing $124,384 per month. By replacing that with a VPN solution the equipment was paid for in nine months, with a one-year ROI of 73 per cent.

To establish relationships, it is important that resellers stop talking like geeks. “Customers don’t care how digital certificates are revoked,” said Robson. “Technical advantages only matter when they provide a business advantage.”

A security audit is a means of getting in the door with a new customer. Accountants are good at recognizing the value of audits. Resellers can also push sales by understanding the concerns and answering questions posed by managers of applications, databases, data centers, operations security, and eLearning.

Borderware is a provider of email security products. href=”″ target=”_blank”>MXtreme is an appliance for managing email with very little administration time.

“Everyone complains about their email at some point,” said David Hall, Borderware Director of Partner Marketing. “E-mail is mission critical, yet firewalls don’t address e-mail vulnerability. There is great demand for reliability.

There is also the forced compliance issue, with more legislation in the future. Everyone wants email, they want it secure, and they don’t want spam.”

Spam is a moving target. Every time you set another filter, spammers change the message slightly to bypass. There are more of them than there are of you. Content filtering is a better method of protecting an organization than the constantly changing world of spam.

Because existing customers already use email, they can use the product. In addition to the margins from selling a Borderware appliance, resellers can earn from installing and configuring the appliance. There are updates and upgrades that customers will want assistance with. Customers will require training and support. Policy development, particularly security and acceptable use, represents a growing area for consulting.

Brightmail makes solutions for enterprise mail systems that claim to stop 95 per cent of spam, with only 1 out of one million false positives.

Frances Riviore, Director of Sales for Brightmail stressed the importance of providing customers with products from an industry leader. Brightmail has been in the anti-spam arena since 1998.

Brightmail operates mailboxes that collect spam 24/7. They perform the analysis of the spam that is used to build the database and updates; updated every four hours. Using heuristics and filtering Brightmail does all building of

rules and filters; they have nothing to do with filtering a customer’s mail.

For example, a favorite trick of spammers is to insert a URL with a call to action. By stripping away the URL and including it in the update, Brightmail blocks the spam from entering the customer’s server, without any work required

on the customer’s part.

To help channel partners, Brightmail sends engineers to help explain the complex problem of spam to customers.

“Brightmail is moving very aggressively in the channel,” said Systems Engineer Rosanna Pellegrino. “There’s great awareness and momentum for resellers who want to grab this market while it’s hot. Putting this technology on a plug, play and forget appliance like MXtreme makes it that much easier to sell to customers.”

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