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MySQL AB eyes larger enterprise focus in latest database solution

The Menlo Park, Calif.-based company’s MySQL 5.0 was designed to enhance the development of large-scale enterprise database applications according to Zack Urlocker, vice president of marketing at MySQL AB.

“Many enterprise customers have asked us to add stored procedures so that they could use MySQL with their existing applications,” Urlocker said. “Stored procedures are used quite a bit among packaged applications and other apps that have server side functionality. Now they can use this directly in MySQL without having to change how they build applications. This opens up the market for MySQL for a broader range of applications.”

Stored procedures is one way to enter standard SQL code into the server, which can reduce network traffic for certain operations and enable the reuse of code across applications.

“Not everyone likes to use stored procedures, but for those that do, it’s a capability we now support,” he added.

MySQL stored procedures are based on SQL:2003, a common standard for syntax, data structures and retrieval processes of SQL databases. Other benefits of stored procedures include better accessibility, improved data integrity and developer productivity.

The company says that MySQL 5.0 has been requested for several years. It has focused on delivering speed, reliability and ease of use in past versions, and it wanted to make sure it added stored procedures in an efficient fashion. The last nine to 12 months has been spent developing the alpha release.

“We will continue to add new capabilities to the 5.x code base through 2004 and expect it to be available for production use in the second half of 2004,” he stated. “As we go through beta we may add additional functionality in the coming months.”

The company is also expected to discuss further details of MySQL 5.0 during its user conference that will run April 14 to 16 in Orlando.

MySQL 5.0 alpha can be downloaded at the MySQL Web site (

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