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Maxtor launches third-generation MaXLine drive

“These days, everyone’s being asked to do more with less,” said Paula Swanson, product marketing manager at Maxtor. “We’re creating and retaining more and more information, and more content-rich information, and therefore consuming more and more storage. This product release is really about high-capacity, native SATA, SATA II features, and high reliability.” MaXLine drives feature […]

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Aventail introduces smart SSL VPN

“Aventail Smart Technology sets a new standard for ease-of-use and security, offering our customers SSL VPN solutions that are superior from a technology standpoint,” said Harvey Storms, Director of Channel Marketing at Aventail. “If you look at our track record, we have consistently and aggressively raised the bar in regard to product enhancements.” Aventail claims […]

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Friday File: AOL to spammers — “You’ve got lawsuits”

We’re suspending that second clause for today. America Online, the world’s largest ISP for consumers, by a longshot, has again taken action against companies that it says are spamming its members, filing civil suits against four Florida residents who it says are among the biggest spammers in the game. AOL is seeking $1.6 million (U.S.) […]

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Gates promotes new anti-spam efforts

Gates’ annual Comdex address, his 20th, was designed to outline the promise of new software as well as the pitfalls of spam and the threats to security. Despite the challenges, Gates said, breakthroughs will make computing an easier and more rewarding experience. The company has outlined anti-spam efforts on the PC with its new Outlook […]

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Grid Computing ramping up in Canada: Oracle

“Most organizations are trying to introduce more harmony and flexibility into their business support systems . . . Grid computing optimizes the use of hardware,” he said. “Grid technology unlocks more power from (existing) systems and helps drive down overall (operating) costs. Essentially you could achieve more work with less hardware.” Vile said the Quocirca […]

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SOX offers SMB channel new opportunities

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act is designed to reduce corporate conflicts of interest and fraud, as well as increase investors’ confidence in the stock market. A recent CFO Magazine survey indicated companies will spend up to $500,000 on Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. “A significant number of small businesses in America will be affected by the Act’s compliance requirements, which […]

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Ottawa firm touts trustworthy Linux-based security solution

GTI said Trustifer would protect business applications (and therefore users) from themselves. Whether buffer-overflow vulnerabilities, stack-execution attacks, malicious code or buggy programming, Trustifier can cage it in, disallow its operation, or silence requests for privileged operations. Administrators can specify which applications get what privileged operations, and have them do those in confinement of time, data […]

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SMB CRM floodgates are open: Aberdeen

The biggest market dynamic in the CRM SMB market is the entry of several large business application providers, notably Microsoft Business Solutions, Siebel Systems, SAP, and PeopleSoft, the Boston-based IT consultancy said. Some would suggest the large enterprise space is now over-saturated, Aberdeen’s “Mainstream CRM – Through the lens of the partner channel” study stated. […]

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SMBs plan to spend more, but not through channel

Forrester Research surveyed 1,002 technology decision makers in small- and medium-sized businesses (under 1,000 employees) regarding IT budgets, the overall business climate, IT purchase plans and overall adoption plans. “And we found that, overall, SMBs were more optimistic about their current business climate, and they were also more optimistic about the health of their industry […]

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Aventail introduces new SMB appliance

It is designed to give smaller enterprises the advantages of mature Aventail technology, and the eight years of experience serving Fortune 500 companies. “The channel is very excited about this,” said Sarah Daniels, vice-president of product management and marketing. “They all have a number of corporations they’ve been selling the EX-1500 to, and because they […]

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