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Ingram puts focus on Apple at Toronto event

The event brought together some 130 resellers, mostly from the Toronto area, to see products and demonstrations from a series of the company’s vendors that service the Mac market, including Apple itself, a variety of printer vendors, and even Microsoft, on-hand to show off its brand new Office 2004 for Mac. Although EMJ Data Systems […]

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Tip of the iceberg, or slippery slope?

This could be just the tip of an iceberg of pent-up demand among corporations for a seamless network of digital capabilities. But the complexity of getting real value from a VoIP initiative could also put companies on a slippery slope towards very expensive mistakes if they race to keep pace with innovation without managing the […]

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Trend Micro announces broad mobile device security

As a holiday gift to its customers, Trend Micro will be giving away the anti- virus solution for free through June 30th. “Trend Micro Mobile Security (TMMS) does not have an immediate revenue impact on the channel because the product is free for downloading,” said Todd Thiemann of Trend Micro. “TMMS will provide an opportunity […]

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Friday File: When MHz are outlawed, only outlaws will have MHz

Intel, the last company to use the clock speed of its computer chips, has decided to move away from the practice, outlining a new naming system and saying, according to an AP report, that the sum of all the features in a computer “is greater than just gigahertz alone.” In other news, Intel also acknowledges […]

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IBM announces ThinkPad with fingerprint reader

Select models of the ThinkPad T42 are equipped with the integrated fingerprint reader. The new notebooks allow end-users to register their own fingerprints and link them to password-protected personal and financial information, Web site login IDs, documents and e-mail. By using the IBM Password Manager, end-users could set up their ThinkPad T42s to automatically log […]

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HP dubs 2005 ‘The Year of Mobility’

“This is the first in a series of announcements this year about the mobile world,” said Ted Clark, senior vice president and general manager of the mobile computing global business unit inside HP’s Imaging and Personal Systems Group. “No other company spans the spectrum of mobility the way HP does.” HP introduced a series of […]

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Microsoft announces major changes to IP policy

“We are open for business in terms of licensing our intellectual property,” said Brad Smith, Microsoft senior vice president and general counsel. “What we’ve tried to do is look at all the offerings we have and offer a balance of royalty and royalty free programs,” said Marshall Phelps, Microsoft corporate vice president and deputy general […]

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Linux more secure than Windows: BZ Research

The survey’s initial findings showed software managers consistently ranked Linux more secure than Windows, with client operating systems and applications seen as most susceptible to security exploits. The survey also explored the use of security vulnerability assessment and testing tools, with most respondents saying their organizations don’t do enough testing and that they plan to […]

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Protecting your patent ownership is critical

The ownership of patents is becoming an increasingly important issue. Patenting software is both the first step in protecting one’s rights and a key strategic weapon, according to a recent report by Wolf, Greenfield and Sacks, P.C., a Boston law firm specializing in intellectual property. “Software has become the most pervasive element of our society,” […]

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